'little bluebirds' is a collection of creative ideas for you to share with your growing little bluebird. The blog posts are brought to you by members of the Bluebird Foundation early childhood team who have ridiculous fun hanging out with little children and their grownups every day of the week.


Bron began singing as a tiny dot on her mother's knee and hasn't stopped since. She loves sharing the joy of music with parents and children - singing, dancing, playing instruments and especially good old-fashioned knee bounces. She's just a little sad that her own kids are getting too big for a bounce on the knee and tend to tell her to stop singing now rather than gazing adoringly at her while she croons them a lullaby!


Liz likes making a mess... always has! Paint, paper, scissors, glue, she loves the lot. Liz juggles roles as an art teacher, community artist and parent of four busy kids. Liz's kitchen table is a mess, her desk is covered in arty clutter, and she eyes her recycling bin as a treasure trove of free materials.


Lucy loved to sing and dance when she was three years old, and many decades later, not much has changed. She also still loves to listen to the birds, smell the eucalyptus trees, and walk on beaches in cold rainy weather. Lucy has worked with children of all ages sharing her love for music, dance, drama and nature.

Sarah profile.jpg

Sarah has loved children, food and the outdoors all her life! She learnt to cook at a young age and started hosting dinner parties for her family at 12 years old. She has since grown up, studied Nutritional Medicine and now works with food, children and health for a living! Whilst she understands the science of the health benefits of good food, she still just loves to cook and share food with her own children, family and friends...particularly the smallest ones! 


Amelia has loved babies and children for as long as she can remember. Having studied and worked in early childhood education for many years, she is passionate about every child having opportunities to engage and learn through play - especially open ended, sensory and nature play! These days Amelia balances studying, working with children and being a parent to her own daughter, and enjoys spending her downtime finding new places to explore nature and hunting for treasures in op shops.



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