Going Outside in Winter

Winter is long, it's cold and it can seem awfully dull and gloomy at times. It’s often associated with darkness, cold, rain, sadness and melancholy. It’s also true that Winter is warm food, fires, snuggles, stories, rain and best of all, muddy puddles!

Very young children see the world with fresh eyes, unaware and uninhibited by society’s rules. They have not yet learnt that some people associate Winter with “unpleasant”. They’re just ready to get out there and explore. Where is the sense in letting the weather get in the way of a good time? Wearing appropriate clothes, staying clean and following adult’s rules are not on a kid’s agenda. We can all benefit from this way of viewing the world!

Winter coats, beanies and bare legs

Winter coats, beanies and bare legs

Here are 3 ideas to enjoy the perks of Winter (even on the coldest days)

  1. Puddle Walk

This one’s easy…

You’ll need;

  1. Clothing;

    • this will obviously depend on what you have available and what your child is willing to wear!

      1. Puddle suits are great, but not necessary.

      2. Gumboots are the best, but again not necessary.

      3. Warm jumpers and beanies are comfortable and cute, but not necessary.

      4. In short…wear whatever you like!

      5. Make sure you have a warm enough jacket/beanie/scarf for yourself as you may be doing less jumping and running than your child. Of course, you could run and jump in the puddles too!

  2. Muddy puddles!

    • Find these in parks, backyards, driveways or anywhere with a hole in the ground and some water! During or just after rain is the best time to go.

  3. An after-play plan *VERY IMPORTANT*

    1. a towel and a change of clothes for those whose children like to fully immerse themselves in their experience.

    2. a thermos containing a lovely, warm drink.

    3. a quick and easy snack

    4. a plastic bag for the wet clothes/shoes/towel etc

  4. Time for a lovely warm bath, a warm meal and a nap when you get home!

a simple walk through the park is more fun when there are puddles.

a simple walk through the park is more fun when there are puddles.

2. Giant Muddy Puddle Immersion

Some kids will never be content with a little splash in a little puddle of water, but will prefer a full-body experience.

You’ll need all the same things for the “Puddle Walk” above, but to a greater extent! Bigger puddles, more towels, more food, more clean up time and a longer bath. Hopefully this will also add up to a longer sleep!!

Get as muddy as you like!

Get as muddy as you like!

3. Cuddles and books by the fire

This can be done outside or inside.

You’ll need;

  1. a cute, cuddly child or two or three or four or more!

  2. a warm fire or heater or blanket.

  3. a comfortable chair or bed

  4. a favourite book

  5. a warm drink is optional

At the end of a cold, Winter’s day, nothing can be better than a snuggle in the warmth with your little one/s.

Take the time to be warm together, to talk about your daily adventures and to read a book. Yes it’s important to be outside, enjoying the beauty of all that Winter has to offer, but it is lovely to end that by becoming warm and cosy again.

Parenting young children takes a lot of effort, energy and creativity! It’s important to make sure that some of your adventures together are quiet, soothing and loving. Even the most energetic children can love a cuddle and a book before bed. If you have more than one child, then take it in turns with your partner to snuggle each night. If you are a single parent, then snuggle all the kids in together. Do what works for you, and enjoy your precious time together.

Cuddles and books at the end of a cold, wet Winter’s day

Cuddles and books at the end of a cold, wet Winter’s day

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