Tickly under there...

Tickly under there...

Most kids love a tickle and most parents love to hear their child giggle. So rhymes that end with a tickle make EVERYONE happy!

And while just about everyone knows the old classic 'Round and round the garden', there are many more traditional tickle rhymes to add to your repertoire!

Here are 3 favourite tickles to try with your little one today:


1. A little flea went walking

A little flea went walking
To see what he could see
But all that he could see
Was baby’s little tum-my


2. There was a little mouse

There was a little mouse
And he lived right there
And if anybody touched him
He ran right up there

3. Bird fly away, away

Bird fly away, away
Up in the air
And land right there
Colour Matching

Colour Matching

Salt Dough

Salt Dough