Summer 'Bucket List'

Summer 'Bucket List'

Half way through our Australian summer, the days are hot and the nights are warm. We are finally getting several days of consistently sunny, 30+ degree days in a row and summer adventures are in full swing… beach days, BBQs with friends, camping or trips away… all the things that childhood memories are made of!

Although most of us probably don’t need any extra encouragement to get outside and stay active during summer. But once the busy Christmas period is over, you take a well-deserved breather and the days and weeks can easily slip by. Before you know it you’re doing back to school shopping and searching for lunch-box inspiration for another year of kinder or school!


A fun way to make the most of the sunshine is to make a Summer ‘Bucket List’! Which is exactly what it sounds like... a list of things to do on the school holidays to embrace the longer days and warmer weather. Even if you do not have the luxury of taking time off work and/or study commitments over Summer, you can still make a ‘bucket list’ for the evenings or weekends.

All you need is a pen and paper! Choose a number of ‘Bucket list’ items – I’d suggest somewhere around 20-25 to start with, as you can always add to it later. Think of fun activities to do as a family and get your children involved by asking them what THEY would like to do (you might be surprised by just how simple their requests are!!), and start writing. 

I’ve included some ideas below but the summer sky is your limit!

- Collect shells

- Find a shady area outside and read together

- Frozen fun (put some small items in an ice-cube tray, fill with water and freeze. Once frozen, tip them into a bowl or bucket. Let your little ones explore the cool ice and discover treasures when it melts)

- Make your own pizza + movie night

- Watch the sun rise or set

- Sleep under the stars

- Water the plants

- Have a picnic with friends

- Make a rainbow out of cut up fruit

- Explore rockpools at the beach

- Do a painting or drawing of your favourite memory from this Summer

Summer Bucket List Inspiration

- Spend the day at the beach

- Make frozen fruit ice cream (blend water or juice with some frozen fruit – so easy!)

- Visit a park you’ve never been to

- Go camping (even if it’s in your own backyard!!)

- See how quickly ice melts in the sun

- Have dinner at the beach

- Leave some shallow dishes of water in the shade, for birds to have a drink/splash on a hot day

- Early morning nature walk

- Build a giant sandcastle

- Have a water fight

- Go on a road trip


Challenge yourself and your children to come up with as many activities that are both FREE and OUTSIDE as possible… and have a think about what is special and achievable for your family – time, resources and children’s ages all play a factor.

The idea is to create fun, lasting memories and make the most of each precious season together… exactly what those memories look like is unique for each family and that is what the magic of summer is all about!

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